Taking the Christain message of healing, encouragement and restoration to hurting people everywhere!

Nu-Day Community Services

At Dayspring Ministries we believe that the community cohesion should be at the forefront of any organization.

We encourage involvement in the life of the Church through worship, teaching and other activities to enhance Christian conduct. Helping one another in the life of faith to be representatives of the Kingdom of God. - Colossians 3:16

Working with Churches and Ministries in the developing World through Evangelism, Ministry support and Benevolence. - Acts 16:9

    - Matthew 25:35-40; Isaiah 58:6-7
Christian Family Network (CFN) - A Christian response to support and strengthen family life.


  • Supporting families, building communities.
  • Providing practical help to improve conditions for families.
  • Promote and provide accredited training and work placements.
  • Source employment opportunities.
  • Provide training in parenting skills and other topics relating to home and family.
  • Organise family holiday programmes for recreation and social interaction.
  • To provide other community services appropriate to restore relationships and help promote family stability.

Christian Family Network (CFN) - Care and support for older people and vulnerable families.

Our befriending service is a voluntary scheme in which volunteers offer friendship and suport to older people and vulnerable families in their own homes or in the community. Our main objective is to prevent isolation and exclusion of older people in the community. This 
project provides practical help, befriending support, encouragement and counselling for families and older people. We provide opportunities for volunteering, training, health and well being.


  • To build relationships, friendships and give practical assistance to older people.
  • To help older people remain safe and independent in their own homes.
  • To link with other local organisations working with older people.
We offer:

Regular friendship visits and on-going support.
Accompany older people on hospital or social visits, reading, completing forms or just being a "good neighbour".
Provide information and advice about other local services.